What do you mean by Ceremony?

We use the term ceremony to signify a time away from time in a sacred container. All of our natural medicine ceremonies are held with the utmost respect for the medicines we use. Therefore, we do not refer to what we do as "taking drugs" or "getting high." Rather, we are "with the medicine" in a state of reverence. Having the proper attitude and relationship to these medicines is an essential part of creating a safe and productive space for deep healing work to happen.

If the term "ceremony" feels new or unfamiliar to you, don't be alarmed. A ceremony does not mean there is any kind of dogma or foreign traditions or beliefs you'll need to ascribe to. Rather, it refers to the fact that there is natural ritual and reverence involved in the healing process that is typically not a part of traditional western therapeutic methods.

What makes our work unique is its three-way intersection between psychology, somatic practice, and shamanism. Most guides lack training or expertise in one or more of these three disciplines. We truly believe it is the perfect trifecta in approaching this work, and that without all three of these pillars in place there is real danger present in exploring natural medicines.

Because our approach to natural medicine happens within a ceremonial context, it looks and feels different than working in a clinical therapeutic setting. We incorporate a myriad of musical instruments, song, and often time fire when available into our work. It looks and feels like an ancient, earthen form of healing. 

We offer private 2:1, couples 2:2, or group ceremonies. Our home sessions take place in Mancos, Colorado. If you would prefer to work in your own home or in a private rental in a specific destination, we are sometimes available for travel, contingent upon legal regulations in your area.

+ Ceremony with 1 participant: $2,000
+ Ceremony with 2 participants: $3,500
+ Ceremony for groups: price varies based on group size and number of ceremonies within the retreat

Included with the cost of the ceremony is 8+ hours of undivided attention from both Dara and Coulter, lodging for that night, breakfast the following morning, and a follow-up integration call 3 weeks later. We offer scholarships on an as-need basis with proof of income & a letter of intent.

FOR COUPLES: It can often be beneficial to have multiple sessions within five days or a week, especially with couples work. We partner with various lodging facilities in Mancos and the larger Denver area that allows us to structure a private retreat for you with multiple sessions.

FOR GROUPS: If you are interested in hosting a group retreat for you and your friends/loved ones, that is a welcome option that we can discuss further in our consultation.


Within the context of our work, we specialize in a number of different areas including rite of passage ceremonies for life transitions, trauma resolution, sexual healing, spiritual inquiry, unlocking ones spiritual gifts, and the treatment of chronic physical conditions. Below are a few pages pages dedicated to a deeper exploration of each of these topics. We invite you to discuss your particular needs and desires with us on a consultation call, as we are always expanding our area of expertise and we might have experience with things not listed here that you feel are important to your unique needs.


Rites of Passage

Trauma & Sexuality

spiritual inquiry

chronic conditions

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