A program to get through the grit

This program is designed for committed couples who want to tear down their old habits and dysfunctional ways of relating to build a truly strong foundation with each other. It is intended for those ready and willing to make an investment, both financially and emotionally, into the well-being and longevity of their relationship.

Over the course of six months, you'll undergo a deep metamorphosis that will catalyze breakthroughs in body, mind, spirit, relationship, and legacy. Through three 7-day retreats and extensive weekly 1:1 support, we will help you peel back layers of conditioning, heal old wounds, and emerge as a more integrated and empowered version of yourself.

Come to:
+ Profound healing of past traumas and limiting beliefs
+ Greater self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-mastery
+ Clarity on your soul's purpose and how to embody it
+ Tools for emotional regulation and resilience
+ A felt sense of wholeness, groundedness, and vital aliveness
+ Deepened intimacy and authenticity in relationships
+ Expanded capacity to hold space and be of service
+ Integration of shadow and light for greater wholeness
+ Activation of your intuitive abilities and innate wisdom

The Couples Immersion Program consists of two core components: Three 7-Day Natural Medicine Retreats and Weekly Integration Support.

1. (3) 7-Day Unique Healing Retreats

Every two months, you'll immerse yourself in a 7-day retreat designed to catalyze deep healing and transformation. Each retreat includes:
- 3 natural medicine ceremonies
- Private accommodations in a beautiful location in the mountains of Colorado.
- Nourishing, organic meals to support your healing process
- Daily practices (meditation, yoga, breathwork, journaling)
- 1:1 and 2:2 integration sessions before and after each ceremony

Retreat Location: Our retreats are held in spacious, private, and comfortable accommodations with access to abundant natural surroundings. We currently partner with lodging facilities in Mancos, Colorado and Evergreen, Colorado but are always expanding our purview based on your preferences and needs.

Ceremonies: Each ceremony is guided by Dara and Coulter to ensure a safe, supported, and therapeutic experience. We maintain a 2:2 participant-to-guide ratio to ensure individualized attention and support. Ceremonies range from 5-8 hours, with ample time for preparation and integration.

Sample Daily Schedule:
- 7:00am - Meditation & Yoga
- 8:30am - Nourishing Breakfast
- 10:00am - Integration Session
- 12:00pm - Lunch & Free Time
- 5:00pm - Ceremony Preparation
- 6:00pm - Medicine Ceremony
- 10:00pm - Rest & Reflection

2. Weekly Integration Support

In between retreats, you'll receive ongoing support to help you
integrate your insights, implement new practices, and navigate challenges
that arise both individually and as a couple.

Our comprehensive integration program includes:

1. Private Integration Sessions (1 per week/per person)
- (1) 60-minute virtual session with Dara
- (1) 60-minute virtual session with Coulter

2. Couples Integration Session (1 per week/per couple)
- (1) 75-minute virtual session with both Dara and Coulter
- Each person in the pair will have the opportunity to deepen their 1:1 relationship with either Dara or Coulter each week. Then, the 4 of us will come together for a joint weekly session.
- Both private and joint sessions may include somatic healing, parts work, shadow integration, and authentic communication.

3. Monthly Resources & Review
- Personalized practice plans to keep you on track and aligned with your goals
- Journaling prompts, exercises, and self-inquiry tools
- Curated reading lists to expand your understanding

4. Surprise Care Packages
- Receive a monthly care package designed to support your healing journey
- May include sacred items, self-care tools, journal prompts, or nourishing treats
- A reminder that you are loved, supported, and celebrated every step of the way

Our weekly integration support is designed to provide you with the tools, guidance, and community necessary to sustain your transformation long after the program ends.

Program overview

The Couples Immersion Program includes:

+ (3) 7-day unique and all-inclusive retreats
+ 6 months of weekly individual & joint integration support
+ Access to resources and community
+ Surprise care packages and gifts
+ Priority scheduling & access to Dara and Coulter

To apply, please schedule a private call with Dara and Coulter to learn more about pricing options and explore if this program is the right fit for you. 

On the call, we'll discuss your intentions, answer any questions you have, and determine if we are a good match to work together. If accepted, you'll receive an invitation and next steps to register.

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