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Our ceremonies take place in several different locations. Primarily, we work out of our 30-ft ceremonial yurt space (photos coming soon!) located on our home property outside of Mancos, Colorado close to Mesa Verde National Park. It has a gorgeous view of the La Plata Mountains and almost no light pollution, so the stars are completely visible. If possible, clients are encouraged to come and work with us here. It is a serene and peaceful landscape that beckons forth a deeper spiritual connection and inner quietude. 

For longer retreat stays in our area, we partner with a number of local accommodations that offer spaciousness, comfort, and beauty. Here are just some of the photos from a couple of our lodging partners.

When we are not in Mancos, we often travel to Denver to host ceremonies there. We partner with a local Denver resident as well as Agua Kodera Regenerative Ranch and Sanctuary in Evergreen, Colorado about 45 minutes outside of the city. Both of our Denver locations allow us to offer retreats in the wider metropolitan area.

Finally, we do offer mobile services and can travel to your location if need be, contingent upon legality of natural medicines in your area.

Denver, Colorado

Evergreen, Colorado

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