1:1 or 2:1 mentorship program

In our culture, there is no formal acknowledgement of the role of a shaman, or one who walks between the worlds. Yet, so many of us feel the call in various ways to initiate into the deeper mysteries of life: honing our intuition, developing spiritual gifts, learning esoteric knowledge, and practicing alternative forms of healing work. In service to such a calling, it is important to find mentors who are walking along the same path so that we don't have to "figure it all out on our own," or risk not figuring it out at all and turning away from the calling.

Our 1:1 or 2:1 mentorship program is designed for individuals who feel called to walk the path of a healer, but are not sure where to start. Mentorships typically take the form of 2-3 day intensives with Dara, Coulter, or both Dara and Coulter a few times a year. Because of the unique nature of each mentee, there is no set curriculum for the program. Different areas that can be covered include:

+ The Elements & the Seasonal Wheel
+ Ancestral Connections
+ Shamanic Soul Retrieval
+ Intuitive and Vocal Abilities
+ Somatic Inquiry & Regulation
+ Shamanic Drumming & Journeying
+ Sensing & Moving Energy
+ Natural medicine ceremonies

Each mentee will have the opportunity to practice what they are learning on volunteers under the supervision and guidance of Dara and/or Coulter. Mentorships happen only in Mancos, Colorado at Dara and Coulter's home ceremonial space. Individuals have the option of learning just under Dara, just under Coulter, or under both of them together. Pricing varies depending on the individual's needs and can be discussed more in depth in a private consultation call. 

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I learned that I lived always and everywhere. I learned that I knew everything, only I had forgotten. –Initiation Poem translated by Malidoma Somé