Certified Imago Relationship Therapist | MA | LPC

With over 23 years of experience as a licensed therapist and a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, I specialize in working with couples to enhance their relationships and address complex issues. For the past nine years, I have focused exclusively on couples therapy, integrating extensive knowledge and practical experience to support partners in their journeys together.

I am honored to collaborate with distinguished plant medicine ceremonialists, Dara Del Rio and Coulter Stone. In this collaboration, I offer therapeutic preparatory and integration sessions for couples exploring the transformative potential of psilocybin. Additionally, I am available to be with you during the ceremony as a safe, supportive, and insightful presence. Working together with Dara and Coulter, our cooperative efforts aim to foster deeper connections and facilitate profound personal and relational growth. From each of us, you can expect careful guidance and compassionate, experienced, and professional support.

A dedicated student of life, I have explored and benefitted from personal and relational therapeutic experiences with psilocybin. Thus, I believe in the healing power of spirit medicines and, furthermore, the philosophy that "everything is medicine." Along with Dara and Coulter, I am committed to ensuring that each couple's journey is meaningful and transformative.

Nichole hart

Harm Reductionist Specialist | Psychedelic Medicine Integration | P-LPCC

My name is Robert “Buddy” Cummins, and I am a pre-licensed therapist (LPCC) with the state of Colorado and a dedicated Harm reduction specialist with nearly 12 years of experience supporting adolescents, young adults, and their families through transformative healing processes. While not serving as a therapist in this role, I utilize my extensive training and clinical expertise to provide critical support in the preparation and integration of psychedelic medicine work.

Specializing in harm reduction, I help clients navigate their psychedelic journeys safely and effectively. My compassionate, client-centered approach ensures that individuals are well-prepared and supported throughout their experiences. My practice is rooted in a deep understanding of the healing potential of psychedelics, focusing on maximizing benefits while minimizing risks.

Throughout my career, I have emphasized the integration of somatic concepts, recognizing the importance of body awareness in the healing process. In my role as a Harm Reductionist Specialist, I am committed to providing comprehensive support that includes preparation, education, and post-experience integration for psychedelic work. I believe in the healing potential of psychedelics when approached with respect and mindfulness, and my work is characterized by empathy, integrity, and a dedication to guiding individuals toward greater well-being and self-discovery.

Robert cummins

Co-founder of Neo-Shamanic Healing Arts | Shamanic Practitioner | Natural Medicine Guide | MAT | W-EMT

Using ancient shamanic healing practices coupled with clinically proven somatic techniques, I help clients prepare and integrate by expanding their spiritual landscape, resourcing their internal state, and helping to balance energy in the body...sessions with me usually involve a drum.

I believe that clients already have the power they need inside of themselves to find healing, release, and empowerment. My role is to act as a liaison with that power and the western mind.

I utilize various techniques including energy work (shamanic and chakra-based), soul retrieval, shamanic journeying, guided visualization, mindfulness, meditation, sound healing, and somatic resourcing. Clients express that they experience powerful and transformative internal experiences that are akin to medicine experiences. This allows them to prepare for ceremony and help deepen after.

Coulter Stone

Co-founder of Neo-Shamanic Healing Arts | Natural Medicine Guide | Trauma Resolution Specialist | MSW Intern

Sessions with me typically include learning how to get in touch with your body in deeper ways as a means to both knowing yourself and releasing stored trauma. If you are feeling scared about taking natural medicine for the first time, I will help you to feel more confident and centered going into the experience.

I have worked as an embodiment coach and trauma resolution specialist with a group counseling practice for the last 3.5 years. In my current practice as the co-founder of Neo-Shamanic Healing Arts, I also regularly guide medicine journeys for clients. This work is very familiar and enjoyable for me, and I want it to be that for you as well! Working with me ahead of time is an excellent way to build rapport, trust, and a sense of safety going into your experience.

I have worked with countless clients preparing for and integrating natural medicine experiences. My experience has shown me the huge added value in proper preparation and integration in getting as much out of the experience as possible. I would highly recommend giving yourself the gift of working with a skilled practitioner ahead of time!

dara del rio



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