I have worked closely with Dara and Coulter for therapeutic journeying multiple times over the past year. From the moment I had my first discovery call up until my most recent integration call, there has been a sense of attunement, deep compassion, and a lighthearted yet grounded spirit that comes from both of them that continuously draws me back to working with them. They both embody a trauma informed approach to the medicine space that comes from a deep reverence to the spirit of the master teacher they work with and a deep regard for their clients' wellbeing. Their song and music alone is healing, Dara’s voice is angelic and Coulter’s precision with musical instruments really makes the experience something special. Their shamanic embodiment transforms the medicine space, their knowledge spans across continents and lifetimes and it shows, not only in their work and studies, but in who they are as humans. They both exude such grace and wisdom that makes journeying with them quite fantastic. Every experience I have had with them has had profound impacts on my healing. I am incredibly grateful they appeared on my life path and because of my time with them, my life will never be the same. I look forward to continuing my work with them as both client and student.


Prior to meeting with and eventually working with Dara and Coulter, my wife and I struggled with personal and martial issues. For years, my wife has been in a battle against Lyme disease. Recently, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. In between those two medical issues, our marriage took on more weight than it could handle. We were on the way to divorce. We started exploring the efficacy of natural medicine and therapeutic journeying after years of talk therapy. By no accident, we found Dara and Coulter and knew that they were the ones to seek out. From the initial preparation meetings to the one week therapeutic journey get away with them, our lives are forever changed. They fully integrated their minds and hearts as they guided us through individual healing paths and most of all amazing marital relationship shifting. If you want a shift in your life, your thinking, your relationships, you must explore what Dara and Coulter can possibly do for you.

Yale & Ela

I'd been dabbling with plant medicine for about two years on my own when I met Dara and Coulter. It was definitely making an impact on my life before I met them, but using their skills, gifting, energy and experience alongside my own journey seems like it has fine-tuned the process to be precisely what I need. The intentionality that they have in the integrative work needed to truly engage with psychadelics is one thing that sets them apart. Another is their approach in the attitude of reciprocity with the medicine and journey. They may be young, but the wisdom and pace they are both trained in and choosing to engage in, is ancient, consistent and steady. 

Whether you are just exploring and curious about psychadelics, are already well on your way on your self-healing journey in other modalities and looking to expand, or have experience with plant medicine, but are looking for a more intentional approach with support, these are your people! 


I am extremely grateful to have worked with Dara and Coulter on several occasions.
They offer an environment that is full of support and as well as space to expand. I enjoy the unique attributes and perspectives that they each bring to our experiences. They are deeply committed to the work they are doing and the compassion shows.
Since starting my work with Dara and Coulter in late 2023, I have experienced a tremendous increase in my ability to cope with life in healthier ways. I have found peace within myself and have released old patterns and beliefs that were not serving me and holding me back from living my fullest life. Thank you, Dara and Coulter for meeting me exactly where I am and allowing me to grow and heal into who I am capable of being. Much gratitude to you both!


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