Allopathic medicine offers life saving procedures, medications, and technology for a huge range of medical conditions, yet it often falls short when treating and addressing longstanding chronic conditions. Many of us are suffering from conditions that allopathic medicine does not understand the causes of, and therefore only treats the symptoms of. This leaves us with limitations, handicaps, and a reduced quality of daily life because of our untreated "roots."

The following are conditions that often leave people feeling unsatisfied or unwell through allopathic treatment alone:

+ Autoimmune conditions of all varieties
+ Chronic pain (e.g. endometriosis, IBS)
+ Chronic fatigue
+ Ongoing digestive upset
+ Depression & anxiety
+ Other conditions that do not respond fully to medical intervention

We are intelligent beings, capable of change. The message we implicitly receive from allopathic care is that the illnesses we have are caused by either random chance or genetic probability. Both of these options leave us feeling powerless to our conditions without a deeper sense of agency or "why."

Working with the spiritual and traumatic causes of these conditions can often make a deeper difference in our day to day quality of life than mainstream treatment options allow for because we can get the deeper "whys." This makes our health journey more personally meaningful, and allows us to reclaim control over our life's story and trajectory.

This is powerful work, not to be underestimated. We can make PHYSICAL changes in our body's biology by relating to ourselves differently. Oftentimes, this results in an abatement or even complete alleviation of symptoms. Miracles are possible: they do not come out of nowhere. Real miracles require personal insight, a deep connection with spiritual reality, and faith that we are more powerful than we were raised to believe.

We have a deep passion for working with chronic health conditions because of our own personal histories with the medical system. Because every person's health situation and journey is unique, this is a very delicate and nuanced field of work. If this is something that interests you in exploring together, please reach out to us for a consultation to learn more. 


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