Personal therapy or coaching alone does not go deep enough to transform an individual’s psyche. While reckoning with one’s childhood history, relational patterns, and past traumas are helpful, it is not enough to create true transformation because it does not touch universal source wisdom.

To touch this wisdom, we need to have the experience of spiritually or metaphorically dying. To become something new, you must know how to die and be reborn.  A metaphorical death is called a rite of passage and it is ancient technology that must be resuscitated into modern times for the people in our culture to thrive. It is a real initiation into maturity.

Adolescents try to self-initiate by doing crazy things: putting their life in danger, rebelling against their parents or society. Often their initiation is circumstantial rather than intentional: a severe trauma, an illness, the loss of a close one, or becoming a parent. Real initiation into maturity requires a witness–a person or a community that values the transition and is willing and able to acknowledge the transformation the person has undergone when they return anew.

Our goal is to be that witness, and help usher you through the greatest transformation of your life.

A Rite of Passage allows an emergence of our best self after a period of darkness. It is a way to signify the opening of a new chapter of life. It is a tool to:

+ End adolescence and open the beginning of adulthood
+ Mark a transition into a new stage of life, either into parenthood or elderhood
+ Integrate the end of a meaningful or long-lasting romantic relationship
+ Grieve the loss of a parent, child, or loved one
+ Resolve traumatic experiences in your body
+ Mark the end of a period of addiction
+ Find one’s unique purpose and calling in the world
+ Open one’s spiritual abilities, connections with ancestry & lineage, and/or the elements of the natural world
+ Be deeply seen and make meaning of past experiences

A rite of passage  is a unique opportunity to have the full and undivided attention of your guide(s) in a private setting. This creates a sense of depth, potency, intimacy, and directness that is simply not accessible in larger groups. We provide the highest quality attunement and care from a trauma-informed lens. All work is personalized to your specific needs.

If the term "ceremony" feels new or unfamiliar to you, don't be alarmed. A ceremony does not mean there is any kind of dogma or foreign traditions or beliefs you'll need to ascribe to. Rather, it refers to the fact that there is natural ritual and reverence involved in the healing process that is typically not a part of traditional western therapeutic methods.

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I learned that I lived always and everywhere. I learned that I knew everything, only I had forgotten. –Initiation Poem translated by Malidoma Somé