Understanding our past helps us live more fully in the present. In our work together, we will resolve trauma through somatic (body-based) modalities. The principles we use are based off of the work of Peter Levine and Steve Hoskinson, both trauma specialists who have spent many decades developing proven methodologies. We have found through our own practice that the best ways of resolving trauma are gentle. As Einstein said, you cannot solve a problem in the same paradigm it was created in. Therefore, we do not aim to have explosive releases but rather slow eases to unwind the long-held tension in our nervous systems.

It is very common when addressing trauma to address our sexuality in tandem: for many of us, they are inextricably linked together. Resolving trauma and healing our sexuality can help us to:

+ Get to the bottom of long-standing chronic illnesses and autoimmune conditions
+ Have better relationships with our parents, partners, and children
+ Feel more enjoyment of life on a daily basis
+ Improve our digestion
+ Manage depression & anxiety

Sex is what creates life and defines our relationship with pleasure, even outside of an explicitly sexual context. The healthy embodiment of our sexuality is the foundation for the healthy expression of our entire life. Therefore, we will never get what we want out of life without addressing our blocks to healthy sexual expression and sensual enjoyment.

When we struggle to express ourselves either vocally or sexually, have an unresolved history of sexual trauma or abuse, or have body image issues, deep intimacy with ourselves and others becomes nearly impossible to create and sustain. Even the "right" partner who checks all of the boxes doesn't suddenly make sex easy or effortless. Sexual healing helps us to:

+ Overcome sexual anxiety & resolve past trauma
+ Feel confident and desirable in our mind & body
+ Know our own desires & express ourselves with ease

The key to healthy sexuality does not come from being desired by another person, but from loving and caring for yourself first. It is not about finding the "right" person, it is about finding yourself. To find our true selves, we first need to understand how we have been shaped (for the better and the worse) by the generations that came before us. We also need to learn how to properly relate to and care for the earth, which is all of our most foundational relationship. To that end, sexual healing also involves:

+ Discovering our own unique spiritual "essence"
+ Getting in touch with our ancestry
+ Learning how to relate to the earth with gratitude, abundance, and reciprocity

The last foundational aspect of sexual healing is feeling confident in communicating our needs. Awakening our voice is best accomplished through singing (yes, singing!). Singing is an incredibly practical, somatically-grounded, and universal tool for the cultivation of self-expression. For women and female-bodied individuals, you may note an incredible similarity between the anatomy of the vagina and the throat. Working with one often helps the other, as they are intimately linked. In our time together we will:

+ Learn how to sing from our "depths"
+ Find somatic authenticity in our communication style
+ Tone, sing, and embody comfort in self-expression
+ Understand and practice embodying all parts of nature's cycle of seasons

This work is widely applicable to everyone of all genders. Working in a ceremonial context with an emphasis on sexual healing is a potent catalyst for upleveling almost every aspect of one's life. Sexuality is the foundation for all creation, literally and metaphorically. Working with it directly with the aid of ceremonial methods is the quickest and most direct route for implementing the life-long changes you've been hoping for.

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I learned that I lived always and everywhere. I learned that I knew everything, only I had forgotten. –Initiation Poem translated by Malidoma Somé