One of our greatest deficits as humans in the realm of healing is that we think we have to do it all ourselves. The prevailing implicit (and explicit) narrative in most forms of therapy is that we need to "work" on ourselves and "figure out" what is going on with us. Often times we spend so much time and energy creating a narrative to explain our feelings, instead of letting our feelings inform the reality of who we are and who we are becoming.

What if there was a way to heal that didn't involve so much "work" and "self improvement"? A way that was actually more effective with less effort expended?

Building deep and lasting relationships with the spirits of plants, animals, and the elements of the natural world is an answer to our cry for help. We can learn to relate to the larger-than-human world around us much the same way as we would make a new friend: by slowly building a relationship through showing care, commitment, gratitude, curiosity, and humility. With these relationships we learn to ask for help from beings wiser than us when we don't know how to heal, instead of buckling down on our efforts to "fix ourselves."

Every person has a unique blend of plants, animals, and natural elements that they feel most connected to. Some examples of the beings you might expect to cultivate a relationship with are:

+ Animals: owl, wolf, coyote, hummingbird, raven, spider, deer, moose, jaguar, goose
+ Plants: rose, lavender, mint, chamomile, yarrow, comfrey, echinacea, basil, cacao, lemongrass
+ Elements: water, fire, air, metal, stone, soil, minerals, earth, land, plant life, wind, sky, clouds, rain, river, ocean, sun, moon, stars

These are merely examples. The truth is: the sky is the limit when it comes to creating your own unique spiritual tapestry of support.

We help you identify which animals, plants, and elements are uniquely calling to you, and provide you with both somatic and ceremonial methods to help cultivate and grow these relationships. Some relationships can be broad (such as with water) or narrow (such as with a specific river that flows a few miles from your home). It is important to have a diverse inner "spiritual ecosystem," much in the same way it is important to have a diverse microbiome in your intestines to support proper gut health. The more diverse an ecosystem, the more naturally resilient it is going to be when faced with adversity or strife.

Some of the ways your plant, animal, and elemental spirits can aid you are:

+ Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing
+ Having a sense of who you are outside of the work you do for a living
+ Dissolving inherited/ancestral patterns
+ Deeper awareness and interconnectedness of the world around you
+ Gaining spiritual insights and abilities (seeing past lives, performing energy healing, singing, etc.)

Connecting with our spiritual allies helps us to become more mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually robust. It also helps us to differentiate our unique gifts and offerings in the world, and therefore to know ourselves and our mission more deeply. Being connected to spirits is our birthright as human beings- let's claim it!

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I learned that I lived always and everywhere. I learned that I knew everything, only I had forgotten. –Initiation Poem translated by Malidoma Somé